Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we must prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually in order to achieve our goals and overcome the obstacle that are before us.  The Four Rivers logo is representative of that philosophy.  It represents the circular nature of our lives and the phases through which all things pass.  Most traditional teachings embrace this concept; The Four Directions, The Four Stages of Life from birth to death etc.  All of our curriculum revolves around our concept of efficient patterns for adventure.  We firmly believe that the same skill set that you use to guide people on a multi day trip through the back country will also help you be a successful business owner or College Graduate.

Pray- to think and meditate deeply on what it is that you are setting about to accomplish.

Plan- The ability to identify needs and to provide for those needs ahead of time.

Act- Putting your plan into action and having the confidence and flexibility to carry it through.

Reflect- the ability to evaluate your prayer, plan and action and to identify what worked and what needs improvement.