Welcome to a lifetime of adventure!!!  Native Americans have a proud heritage of adventure and self reliance.  The Four Rivers Institute seeks to engage Native leaders with their culture and environment by re-introducing what were once traditional activities and knowledge.  From Backcountry Navigation to Wilderness Medicine our students will gain vast knowledge of the environment and their place in it.   We will enhance these with 21st century skills, from Media Presentation to Business Planning.

This is NOT a 2 week training!  The Four Rivers Guide School is a 9 month intensive residential program.  We have high expectations for our students.  They will raft rivers, climb mountains, explore deserts and oceans.  Building community with their fellow classmates they will examine deeply the challenges facing Indian Country and learn the leadership skills neccesary to overcome those obstacles.  We will end our year with an epic adventure to visit with and explore another indigenous culture abroad, broadening our personal horizons and indigenous network.